News From The Road



We are entering the best time of the year for two up touring. The scenery is on display like no other time. With the different elevations, we get to enjoy the color for several weeks. Last year we had about 6 weeks of colors and the reports are that we are going to have the best colors that we have had in years.

The weather has been fantastic for our rides recently. It is nice to get in the seventies after all the 90 degree weather. Our recent ride to the Tail of the Dragon was a great ride. All the roads getting there and coming back are some of the best.

The roads are in good shape after the storm. High winds knocked down a few trees but nothing to cause concern.

We will be watching the upper elevations for that beautiful foliage and scheduling  rides accordingly.

Now is the time to start planning next years Tour. Make your reservations early… Watch for the new rides coming to our site

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